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Make Change

As a group we would like to change the views of mini pigs and make pig ownership an easy and healthy relationship for both side! 

Generate Funds

Your donations and participation in yearly fundraisers and events help save hundreds of pigs and provide them with the vet care they need. 

Educate Breeders

Each of our breeders are pre screened to ensure only ethical practices! Choose a MPB Inc breeder with peace of mind.

  Mini Pig Breeders, inc  is composed of ethical, screened mini pig breeders who are committed to ethical breeding, education and the betterment of all mini pigs. In 2016, MPB was granted a 501c3 non-profit tax status for support of pigs in need. 100% of funds raised and donations go directly back to the pigs and education. We thank you for your support in our fund raising activities and donations.  2016 also brings the launch of our new mini pig registration program.  

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